My pool is not enclosed and my bug balls are keeping our surface
water in the pool spotless. No bugs, no suntan oil. Great product!

Wayne K. | Pompano Beach, Florida

The Pool-bug-be-gone product is a great idea and effective.
Best thing since sliced bread!

Andre H. | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

No more bugs for me and my family. We're big on suntan oil, but no
worries now, we can really enjoy our pool. Thank you Pool-bug-be-gone!

M. Osborne | Sugarloaf Key, Florida

I cannot believe this, bugs one day “ gone the next. I give this
product five stars. Ordered another set for my hot tub and spa!

Chris L. | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I only use my balls for 4 months. Here is a tip – do not store the balls wet - they will mildew. Wash in warm soapy water and blow dry. Good to go for next year.

Vince H., Erie | Pennsylvania – September, 2014

I live near the airport, lots of sheen in pool from take off and landings. I turn the pump on early a.m. and come home from work ready to swim. Suggest cleaning balls with degreaser like Simple Green twice a week. No more oil in my eyes, hair and ears. You guys have balls!

Jennifer K. | Dallas, Texas – July, 2014

With so many bugs in the pool, I wear a mask & snorkel to swim. Put the balls in the pool, put the mask on the shelf. Thank you. My pool bugs are gone.

Caroline K. | Hilton Head and South Carolina – August, 2014

77 years old with serious shoulder problems. Cannot use skimmer. No more skimming and more time for swimming. My doctor recommends Pool Bug Be-Gone.

John C. | Alexandria, Virginia – August, 2014

Something new….kids in the pool Saturday and Sunday….lots of suntan oil. The balls absorbed all of the oil, but they were loaded with twice as many bugs. It seems that the oil causes more bugs to stick to the ball. Clean with Clorox Cleanup. Bug On *****

Jason T. | Mobile, Alabama – August 2014

Used to use skimmer everyday and extra chlorine to kill bugs, but no more. Chemical Free Pool balls have done the trick. Have 6 in my pool. Love it. Happy swimmer.

Don B. | Avon Lake, Ohio – July 2014

Had a problem,one of the balls stabilizers fell off contacted Sam on their web site,new ball arrived in three days. Great service . We love Sam and our Pool Bug Be Gone

Sue p.naples | Florida – October 2014



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