My pool is not enclosed and my bug balls are keeping our surface
water in the pool spotless. No bugs, no suntan oil. Great product!

Wayne K. | Pompano Beach, Florida

The Pool-bug-be-gone product is a great idea and effective.
Best thing since sliced bread!

Andre H. | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

No more bugs for me and my family. We're big on suntan oil, but no
worries now, we can really enjoy our pool. Thank you Pool-bug-be-gone!

M. Osborne | Sugarloaf Key, Florida

I cannot believe this, bugs one day “ gone the next. I give this
product five stars. Ordered another set for my hot tub and spa!

Chris L. | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I only use my balls for 4 months. Here is a tip – do not store the balls wet - they will mildew. Wash in warm soapy water and blow dry. Good to go for next year.

Vince H., Erie | Pennsylvania – September, 2014

I live near the airport, lots of sheen in pool from take off and landings. I turn the pump on early a.m. and come home from work ready to swim. Suggest cleaning balls with degreaser like Simple Green twice a week. No more oil in my eyes, hair and ears. You guys have balls!

Jennifer K. | Dallas, Texas – July, 2014

With so many bugs in the pool, I wear a mask & snorkel to swim. Put the balls in the pool, put the mask on the shelf. Thank you. My pool bugs are gone.

Caroline K. | Hilton Head and South Carolina – August, 2014

77 years old with serious shoulder problems. Cannot use skimmer. No more skimming and more time for swimming. My doctor recommends Pool Bug Be-Gone.

John C. | Alexandria, Virginia – August, 2014

Something new….kids in the pool Saturday and Sunday….lots of suntan oil. The balls absorbed all of the oil, but they were loaded with twice as many bugs. It seems that the oil causes more bugs to stick to the ball. Clean with Clorox Cleanup. Bug On *****

Jason T. | Mobile, Alabama – August 2014

Used to use skimmer everyday and extra chlorine to kill bugs, but no more. Chemical Free Pool balls have done the trick. Have 6 in my pool. Love it. Happy swimmer.

Don B. | Avon Lake, Ohio – July 2014

Had a problem,one of the balls stabilizers fell off contacted Sam on their web site,new ball arrived in three days. Great service . We love Sam and our Pool Bug Be Gone

Sue p.naples | Florida – October 2014

Our Product

I have been asked by many people "how did you discover this amazing product?" My answer is simple. I did not; my dog did!! I purchased a big 5" fuzzy tennis ball for our 80 lb. 10-year old Golden Retriever. Since he was not really being fond of balls, I thought the big ball would get his attention. It did not -he gave it a nose nudge- and it plopped in the pool. Forget about it.

Two days later, taking a stroll passed the pool, I noticed a black line at the base of the floating ball. I scooped it out and discovered it was full of bugs, gnats, flies and no-see-ums. But I also noticed there were no bugs on the pool surface. I was amazed, and after taking a closer look, that with the pool pump on, the ball had somewhat of a rolling action, which I am sure may have washed some of the clinging bugs off the ball. I decided that if the ball had a weight at the bottom, it would swirl and not roll, i.e., the patent pending non-magnetic stabilizer. This kept the ball stabilized and eliminated the rolling action. It also lowered the ball allowing more surface to capture critters at the waterline.

As a result it was determined that with the stabilizer the ball was NO LONGER A TOY. Do not throw the ball or bounce the ball. It should be not used for sports games, etc. It's too big to be pet friendly, therefore, do not give the ball to pets or children. They may chew the stabilizer off the ball. My experience in cleaning the ball was simple. All I did was spray it with a Clorox cleaner and hosed it off. No scrubbing was needed.

These things really work in our 24' x 12' pool. I clean them as needed. Suntan oils, exhaust from lawn mowers and bugs disappear. No more film on the surface. As it bounces along, it cleans the tile too.

My pool guy told me there was very little sediment on the filter. As the Pool-bug-be-gone ball captures floating sediment (not the heavy stuff that sinks to the bottom), he also noted with the correct water level, the ball is too big to get sucked into the scupper, which is a plus.

The product is a must for pools, hot tubs and spas (open or enclosed). Needless to say down south we have gnats, no-see-ums, and white flies that invade the pool area with the humidity and temperature changes. Everyone who lives in the southern half of the U. S. needs these year round and folks up north it's for the hot, lazy days of summer and that relaxing dip in the pool, hot tub, spa, on those cool summer evenings.

I appreciate your interest in our product. No more bugs in my eyes and ears!


James Nastasi

The Whitefly And Your Pool

Many homeowners have suffered severe consequences with the recent whitefly infestation. It has been noted by several articles published in southeast and western newspapers. Research has been compiled by established pool companies in articles written in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.

It's a fact that when various species of insects, such as gnats, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, aphids, ants and swimming pool bugs cause problems, they travel through your pool's system. Small floating creatures that are not trapped by the skimmer end up in the filtration system; and if not monitored, will clog the system. They are microscopic and will also clog the filter.

The new menace, along with the array of other bugs is the invasion of the Rugose Spiraling Whitefly. Studies done by the University of Florida indicate that Rugose Spiraling Whitefly is likely to survive year round in most southern states and could make its way to the Midwest and travel north during the summer months.

Pool maintenance companies in all areas, which we call the red zone (see map), are experiencing an increase in customer calls. Bugs and sticky honeydew on pool surfaces and swimming pools are turning green as the whitefly excretes its sap which clogs filters and deplete the chemicals in your pool. Pool owners who are not aware of the problem are blaming pool companies.

Swimming pools look messy with dead whiteflies and honeydew floating on the surface, i.e. more skimming less swimming. Our customers using Pool-bug-be-gone are happy campers. Our referrals are rapidly compounding. It's a fact my pool surface water is clean; all of the bugs and residue are stuck to the balls. I can swim in my pool while neighbors sit on their decks. Our slogan “no more bugs in my eyes or ears” is again a fact.

Pool Ball Tips

Flying insects are strongly affected by weather conditions. Cool, clear weather results in less bugs. Hot, humid weather produces more bugs. Wind has a positive or negative effect on flying insects and pollen.

Pools with heaters in cooler climates create more activity. Open pools with heaters may attract more flying insects. Active pools, hot tubsand spas have more suntan oil,sheen, hair, etc.

We have enclosed a map to use as a guide. Red zones indicate more activity in the months of March through October.

South Florida epidemic of spiral whitefly may be a year-round problem. Secretion and the fly itself can clog filters allowing the chemicals used to treat the pool to dissipate. Keeping the surface clean is most important as the system will only absorb floating objects that are not trapped by the skimmer, not objects that sink to the bottom. Without constant attention the pool may turn green and require treatment.

Spas and hot tubs used frequently have constant problems with floating objects on the surface, whether it be suntan oils, bugs, scum or pollen, the Pool-bug-be-gone ball will keep it clean but the ball may have to be cleaned more often. The pool pump must be on to circulate. The pool ball will not clean if the pump is off. Clean balls mean a clean surface. They are still doing their job and will be there when needed.

For children, this is not a TOY. This product should not be used for games. Also do not throw this ball. In most cases the size of the ball will prevent a pet from chewing or putting the ball in his mouth. A note for Retriever owners, most veterinarians will tell you not to let the dog swim in the pool. The chemicals can cause serious skin irritation plus eye and ear infections.


More mosquito bites this year? You are not alone. Record-breaking heat and late afternoon storms are bringing out the bugs nationwide. Gnats, no-see-ums, mosquitoes, aphids, white flies, mites, spiders to name a few are on the move.

Insects are cold-blooded, meaning their body temperature is regulated by the temperature in their environment. In cool or cold weather, the insects’ internal temperature drops causing them to slow down. When the temperature rises, the bugs become more active. Also note that the reproduction cycle increases and larvae laid grows at a rapid rate.

In 2012 hot weather has been the buzz word. Records that have been kept since 1895 have been shattered. This year is expected to be worse. In hot, dry weather insects can’t find moisture and head for standing water or your swimming pool. Most bugs will drown on contact and float on the surface making it difficult for the daily swimmer. Floating dead bugs will get in the swimmer’s hair, ears, eyes, etc.

In our research, we have noted that 10% of the bugs on the ball are still alive. Seeking safe haven, it may be a fact that they are attracted to the ball as one drowning would be attracted to a life raft.

In conference with pool companies, the maintenance men like them because they spend less time skimming, which increases their care activity. They also noted that the product does not work well in saltwater pools. The salt creates buoyancy; and as a result, there is far less of the balls’ surface in the water and it is less effective.

During the warm weather months, you may be cleaning the product more often. One of our customers sent us an interesting photo. She picks up the balls with a handheld skimmer, sprays them with Clorox cleanup, rinses them off in the skimmer and back in the pool. We would like to hear from you. Please send your comments, photos, etc. to our website.

Order your set now!

Three balls work great for a 24'x12' pool.

Suntan oils, screen residue, silt, exhaust sheen, hair, pollen, surface critters, scum, and bugs will disappear!